Numbing wipes for Longer Lasting Passion

Endurance wipes help men from prematurely ending couple’s intimate moments. Simply swipe for a safe fast acting numbing effect to enjoy extended more fulfilling intercourse with your partner.

premature ejaculation wipes packaging

Endurance Wipes

Easy to use, over the counter wipes that have been clinically show to help men perform longer. Simply swipe the sensitive areas of the penis and allow 4-5 minutes to numbing effect to begin.

Our 4% benzocaine wipes will help reduce over-stimulation while still providing enjoyable sensation to improve endurance. Order a box of wipes to begin boosting your lasting power today for just $19.99.

4% Benzocaine wipes on display

Increase endurance by 340%

Graph showing 340% premature ejaculation reduction study

A 2017 study found 82% of men using numbing wipes no longer demonstrated premature ejaculation (PE) after two month of use.

Averaging just 75 seconds at the start, participants were able to last well into five and a half minutes. This is a 340% increase in lasting power!

Endurance Wipes Benefits

Better for Both

The numbing action from our wipes is felt by the male users but the results are enjoyed by both.

Discreet Free Shipping

Our wipes ship in discreet packaging free. Your shipment will arrive in just 2-4 days US mail.

Fast Acting

Convenient single pack wipes are easy to use, fast acting and great for on to go.

Made in the USA

Our benzocaine wipes are made in the USA in FDA approved facilities to the highest standards.

How it Works

Endurance wipes fast acting 4% benzocaine formula reduces over-stimulation helping men perform longer in just three quick steps.

Opening numbing wipe pack

1. Open discreet disposable packet to remove wipe

Swiping area for numbing effect

2. Swipe sensitive ares of the penis with wipe liberally

Longer Lasting Sex

3. Let area dry up to 5 minutes for numbing effect


View some of our most frequent questions and answers below. Visit our support pages to email us any questions or chat with a live specialist.

No. Endurance Wipes are an over-the-counter product available to buy online and in stores to anyone over the age of 18.

If you have an allergy to benzocaine you could experience a common reaction such as swelling or redness. In the event of a reaction seek advice from your doctor.

Typically 20-30 minutes. After some use you will likely find the best way to apply  the wipe for the most desired effect.

It can be, so long as you allow the penis to fully dry after applying the wipe. Fully dry means your partner does not smell or taste wipe residue.

Endurance wipes can be used to prevent premature ejaculation during vaginal and anal sex. As long as residue from the wipe has dried it will not effect any other skin it contacts.